Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mini Ben Nye Haul!!

This is a quick post on my recent mini “Ben Nye Haul”. Girl, if you haven’t heard of Ben Nye you need to be punished. Ok im kidding :p
 I had been wanting to try some Ben nye products since forever, but since availability is a big time issue here in India I could not get my hands on them (read sadness!!). I rummaged the internet inside out and came to the conclusion that in India it was available only in Mumbai through a physical store. My other option would be to get it shipped from U.S.A.  I then begged, yes literally begged one of my colleagues who had a friend in Mumbai to in-turn beg his friend to send me the products... the things we do for vanity…sigh!! 
Anyway, everything went well and I got the products yesterday and I was so excited that I tore open the package and started swatching the products while I was still at work…… Good thing my boss was no where around.
Coming to my haul, I ordered only a few products because I did not want to burden the kind soul with my long list. So here is what I got.

 1.       Ben Nye Media Pro SK-2 Highlight Wheel (Rs.825 for 0.5 oz/14gms)

I have been thinking of trying my hands on contouring and highlighting so I got this wheel for … you guessed it right.. Highlighting. It consists of 4 shades of creamy concealer that you can mix around to get your perfect colour. I will have to test it out to see how it performs. Full review coming soon.

2.       Ben Nye Media Pro SK-3 Shadow Wheel (Rs.825 for 0.5 oz/14gms)

As the name suggests, this wheel is used to create shadows or perfect contour. I know that the colours look crazy dark on the pan but they are perfect for contouring.  Let’s see how my contouring experiment goes with this one.

 3. Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder (Rs.1000 for 3 oz/85 gms)

I saved the best for the last. This powder became an overnight sensation the minute Kim Kardashian tweeted and instagrammed her photo wearing this powder to highlight her face. Women all over the world went nuts and starting hoarding the product so much so that websites had to set purchase limits to 10 bottles per customer….. Kim K certainly has a huge make-up following, doesn’t she?!!

The powder seems very finely milled and soft and il be using it as a finishing powder to set my make-up. However, im a little worried about the yellowness of the powder as my skin already has yellow undertones to it and I definitely don’t want to look like a jaundice patient. I will do a review post once I use the powder over the weekend.
The products are available here:
751, S.V Road,
Next to Rajasthan Hotel,
Khar (West),
Mumbai - 400 052 INDIA
Tel: (+91) 22-2605-2947/8/9
Fax: (+91) 22-2605-0970
I suggest calling up the store first and ensuring the availability of stock.

So this was my mini Ben Nye haul. Have you guys tried any Ben Nye products… COMMENT!!


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