Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Apocalyptic Wish List

Well its the 20th of December and even though i have laughed off every possible claim of the world ending on the 21st of December, i am suddenly overcome with a weird eeriness. What if it really is true...!! What if i am no longer here at this time tomorrow? There is so much more that i wanted to do in life that i still haven't done. Well, i have learnt my lesson.... i have made a secret "Bucket List" of all the things i wana do before i ... well, kick the bucket. As a matter of fact, i suggest we all make one.
Having said that, i guess thats enough retrospection for a day. I will probably be reading this post tomorrow night and laughing my ass off..!! 
When it comes to my Sartorial Wish list, i have the following items on them that i must and must acquire before i die else im gonna be one sad wandering spirit.


We all know that i am a Studs and Spikes person and so obviously Im in love with the black studs on this jacket. After this jacket, im so over the gold and silver studs!! uhhhhhh..... how badly i need this one..!!!