Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Hola Chicas!!

I did a mini haul from this website called SOULFLOWER and its safe to say that im totally obsessed with the website. The website is quirky and fun and i love surfing the site just reading about the products even if i am not buying anything ( i do get jobless at times :p )
The website sells aromatic essential and carrier oils along with handmade organic soaps that are 100% vegetarian. Sounds so much like our very own LUSH!!

Coming to my haul

As i was browsing through, i was immediately drawn to a few products. Here is what i bought.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


With winter fast approaching, i decided to stock up some moisturising body lotions to battle the oh-so-gross scaly skin that i experience during the chilly season. I have really oily skin and don't need that much of moisturization but during winters my skin does become dry and stretchy. 
While i was on my hunt, I came across this really interesting lotion from Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula called the "Firming Butter". As i read the description, i almost jumped with excitement. It claimed to (and i quote) firm, tighten and tone your skin, anytime, even after weight loss. So does it it live up to its tall claims?? Read on to find out!!


The lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I actually prefer the dispenser to the regular flip cap style bottle as they are much easier to use.


Rs.520/- for 315ml and can be purchased online here


Here is a snapshot of list of the ingredients. 
As you can see for yourself that the list is pretty impressive as the formula contains collagen, elastin, shea butter, Vit E, Ginseng, etc. Hmmm..... so far so good!!

Monday, 18 November 2013


Today’s post is on my hair care regime. I once possessed thick, straight, silky, lustrous healthy hair. It was my crowning glory in true sense. That was until i saw everyone around with poker straight hair and decided to give in and chemically straighten it (despite my already straight hair). Since then it has been a downward spiral. One after other chemical treatments, hair colors, heat styling has left my hair dull, damaged and lifeless.
However, my current hair care regime which i have been following for around 4 months has helped my hair recover and though my hair is not what it used to be, it is definitely on its way to recovery.

No.1- COCONUT OIL as a pre wash conditioner

Coconut oil is the unsung hero among hair oils. I know that of late fancy oils like macadamia and argan oils(read EXPENSIVE $$) are a  rage among bloggers but after some research i actually learned that the modest coconut oil is the undisputed champ among hair oils. In layman terms, coconut oil is among the few other  oils that are made up of really small molecules that can actually penetrate the hair shaft. The other oils are composed of larger molecules that fail to penetrate the hair shaft and hence just coat the outer hair strand thus giving you the temporary feel of healthy hair.
I slather the Baba Ramdev coconut oil on my hair concentrating on the ends the night before. Don’t take my word for it... try it once and you will see the difference just in one wash. Any virgin, cold pressed coconut oil should do the job. Coconut oil is cheap but super effective... what else do you want.

No.2- L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo

I use a clarifying shampoo the next day to wash off the oil and any build-up from products. People with dry hair need not use a clarifying shampoo else it will make their hair more dry and rough. I use it because i have super oily scalp.Tip: if you are on a tight budget, Pantene Lively Clean gives the same results at half the price. J