Friday, 28 June 2013

Styling Dr. Martens

I have been obsessed with Dr. Martens since my teenage days. When i was in the 7th or 8th grade, Dr. Martens were a huge rage among the boys and girls. I remember literally begging my mom for a pair. I wanted them in the black boot lace-up style and i literally went dizzy with happiness when mom got me a pair. Now when i look back, its hilarious to think that they were actually knock-offs ... anyway, it served my purpose then and i felt "oh-so-cool" wearing them!
I still love Dr. Martens to bits becoz of the fact that they are sooooooo versatile. They look cool with almost anything... jeans, dresses, shorts..... and instantly gives you that grungy, retro, good-girl-gone-bad feel.
Im saving up to buy the Classic Boots Lace-up ones, yup .. the knock offs which i rocked in my innocence .... but this time i want the real deal (chuckles)!! Sadly they are quite expensive here in India and it will be quite sometime before i actually purchase them.

Here I have put together 3 looks to pull off Dr. Martens effortlessly :

I heart Dr. Martens

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Real Techniques Base/Flawless Core Collection- REVIEW!!

Hello Ladies,

As you all know that in my June Wishlish i had mentioned that i desperately need some new brushes. So i finally bit the bullet and did a small Real Techniques Brush Haul from this wonderful site called  TiTi's Corner! was kind enough to share her coupon code with her readers which gave me a whopping 10$ off on my first purchase. Likewise, i would like to share the love.. so here is my coupon code GJT902  feel free to use them... shop shop shop!!
Today i will be reviewing the base/flawless Core Collection Set.
Priced at 18$, the Core Collection Set comes with 4 brushes and a panoramic brush case that can be transformed into a brush stand on your table (double whammy!!) Each brushes are made up of synthetic, ultra smooth taklon bristles and boast of being hand-cut.

1.  The Buffing Brush

Im in love with this brush. Although the pack reads that its ideal for powder and mineral foundation, i use it to apply my BB Stick and it does the job brilliantly.

I use the Maybelline BB Stick for everyday use and even though it has a somewhat solid consistency as compared to the other runny creams, this brush literally buffs the cream into your skin, blending it seamlessly..... ahhh it was love at first sight! The brush is flat on the top and is firm but incredibly soft.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Real Techniques Brush Haul

Lately nothing good has been happening in my life. The weather is absolutely testing my patience. With the mercury shooting up insanely, its hot and humid leaving me dehydrated, nauseous and irritated. Anyway, my Real Techniques Brush Haul which I had ordered from reached me yesterday and that was officially the only saving grace for the week.
I had ordered for the Base Core Collection, Starter Eye Collection and the Perfected Blush Brush.
All the brushes reached me in great condition and im really excited to use them over the weekend. I wil review them individually after testing each of the brushes.
Till then take care beauties..... Beat the heat and stay hydrated.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


We all have that staple piece, necklace or that earring, that ring or that bracelet that comes out only for special occasions or when you wana look super special. So this last weekend, i decided to get rid of all the unnecessary stash of accessories and keep only those pieces that were versatile and close to my heart. I was rather surprised to discover that i had collected quite a lot of junk jewellery over time. However i hate hoarding things that i don't use so i threw quite a lot of them away. Now i don't have to waste time going through a huge pile of unnecessary junk to find what i need..... Yayyyyy to that!!
Here are some of my favourite Neck Pieces....

Monday, 3 June 2013


Im a late riser and hence am almost always pressed for time while leaving for work and the last thing i wana do is waste precious time buffing my foundation or perfecting that cat-eye liner. I like my  office make-up to be fairly simple and subtle not overly made up.