Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mini Ben Nye Haul!!

This is a quick post on my recent mini “Ben Nye Haul”. Girl, if you haven’t heard of Ben Nye you need to be punished. Ok im kidding :p
 I had been wanting to try some Ben nye products since forever, but since availability is a big time issue here in India I could not get my hands on them (read sadness!!). I rummaged the internet inside out and came to the conclusion that in India it was available only in Mumbai through a physical store. My other option would be to get it shipped from U.S.A.  I then begged, yes literally begged one of my colleagues who had a friend in Mumbai to in-turn beg his friend to send me the products... the things we do for vanity…sigh!! 
Anyway, everything went well and I got the products yesterday and I was so excited that I tore open the package and started swatching the products while I was still at work…… Good thing my boss was no where around.
Coming to my haul, I ordered only a few products because I did not want to burden the kind soul with my long list. So here is what I got.