Saturday, 24 August 2013

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Product Review !!

Lush products for some reason never seem to suit me. I love the fact that they are natural, vegan, hand-made and cruelty free but the products in itself don’t do me any good. Having said that, i cannot stop myself from entering their store. There is something about their store, the black tub packaging, the colourful products on display that draws me towards them and of-course i do not come out empty handed.
On my most recent visit, the Mint Julips lip scrub caught my fancy!!


The lip scrub  come in a small hard glass pot. Being a tub packaging you need to dip your fingers into the tub which can be unhygienic. But since the prouct itself is rough and grainy i cant think of any other kind of packaging that would be suitable.... so i am not complaining about it in particular. The list of ingredients are clearly mentioned on the tub... thumbs up for that J

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My First Ever Tattoo Experience - Painful but worth it !!

On my most recent visit to Bangalore, i got this random tattoo done. Well, it was not exactly random because i had been thinking of getting one done for a really really long time but had been postponing it becoz of the pain factor. Then this particular morning i woke up early (coincidentally 15th of Aug, India’s Independence Day) and for some reason felt so ready to get the tattoo done. I dragged along a huge entourage consisting of my brother, sister and my boyfriend to the tattoo artists place for moral support since i knew it was gonna hurt (lol!!)

After a brief discussion of what i wanted, the tattoo artist did the sketch and we were good to go. When the first needle hit me, i cannot even begin to say how excruciatingly painful it was. It felt like someone was cutting me up with a blade, over and over again. I some how manned up (so proud of myself) and in about an hours time the painful ordeal was over for good.
So here is a first look of my tattoo 5 minutes after it was done. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Buying Contact Lenses Online

I have been Myopic since childhood and with age it has just been getting worse (should have listened to my mom and eaten those green-leafy veggies)!! Without my glasses or contact lenses i cannot see to save my life.
I usually don’t buy contact lenses online because for some strange reason buying them from a proper ophthalmologist and a physical store always makes me feel my eyes are protected (i know.. craazzzy right!) but then there is always a first time for everything. One of my friends recommended this website called loveshoppingholics. They have got lenses of every possible colour under the sun including some crazy cosplay and anime ones.
I was so excited when the package came cz everything in it looked so pretty.

I bought the Geo Bella Grey circle lens and they look really natural. I have been wearing them everyday to work and nobody has asked if im wearing coloured contacts. In the natural sunlight and flash photography, the colour is more obvious though but still very natural and nothing freaky. I have been a Bausch & Lomb user all my life but i think i just found a more comfortable replacement. I am a happy girl.
The shipping was fast and i was more than impressed with the packaging. The lens bottles came in a cute tiny cardboard box with ribbons it. The moment i saw it i had an “awwww....” moment :p