Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Night Time Skin Regime

Hello Chicas!!!
I havent done a post for a long long time but anyone who has worked in the Banking Sector will know what the month of March feels like. Financial year ending is literally a pain in the ass. I started having backaches, headaches, eye irritation.... all the deadlines, last minute assignments, stress didn't help the situation either.
Now that it has all ended well, i want to forget about all about it like a bad dream. Thanks to my night time routine that i have been following religiously, all that stress caused only a few minor breakouts here and there, nothing serious.


I use a couple of cleansers depending upon how my skin is feeling. When im having a major break-out moment going on, i tend to use the Saslic face wash which is basically a medicated facewash with 1% Salicylic Acid. Its a great cleanser which comes as a liquid in the bottle but is dispensed as a Foam (magic eh!) It does not dry your skin out and is great at preventing future breakouts.
Cetaphil cleansing lotion is my other go to cleanser. I know beauties all over the world are fans of this performer in a bottle due to its gentle nature. I love how mild it is and how it leaves the skin soft and moisturised.
Next in line is Olay Clarity fresh cleanser for oily/combination skin. This is a super foamy cleanser that i use when i have to take off a lot of make-up. 
I would also like to mention here that my other favourite cleanser is the Loreal Go 360 • Clean Anti-Breakout Cleanser (NOT SHOWN HERE). I love the  scrublet that comes with it.


I dont use a toner at night and instead of it, after cleansing my face, i use Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water. It feels like French luxury on your face...lol. Read the full review here .


Remember the iherb haul that i had done here and how was i ranting because of the crazy customs i had to pay. Well i have been using these two serum daily at night before going to bed and i have mixed feeling about them.
Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum - As the name suggests, it is a Vitamin C serum. We all know the benefits of Vit C to the skin right. This serum is super light in texture and smells citrusy. It disappears in the skin within seconds and leaves skin super matte.. almost too matte. It provides no hydration what so ever... i wish it did though. Its a little too drying for my liking and im oily skinned mind you. I havent seen it brighten or lighten my blemishes so im not sure i would repurchase this one. 
Earth Science Active Age Defense - Well what can i say... we just cannot escape old age can we? I wanted to take precautionary measures and therefore use an anti ageing products to keep fine lines well at bay. This is an anti ageing+anti break out (yes, im killing 2 birds with one stone here ) product. I hate using physical exfoliants on my skin and therefore i opted for a chemical exfoliant instead. This has both alpha as well as beta hydroxy acids in it so i thought it would be a win-win situation for me. No kidding that this contains acids. It stings during the first few days of application. It broke me out initially but i guess i was just purging. Yes it peels your skin off and you can actually see it. Every few weeks i give my skin a break from this serum just so that it doesnt get used to it. Please remeber that using alpha or beta hydroxy acids on your skin makes it extremely sensitive to the sun so a good sunscreen is your best friend when you use this serum.

Bio Oil

I slather Bio Oil on my stretch marks before i go to bed. But since summer is already here where i live, i don't think i can use this anymore for very long. Read my full review on Bio Oil here


I used to take Biotin supplements till a few weeks ago until it cause me to break out. I gave up on the biotin supplemets because i didnt see much of a difference on my hair and nails and was instead causing breakouts, it went straight to the dustbin. I have been taking Cod Liver Oil for the past god knows how many years now. Some doctor suggested it to me for healthy eyesight and bones... and it is also good for the hair and skin so why not?!!

So this is my night time skin routine. While i do love some of the products, i dont know for sure wether i will repurchase a few. However, following this routine has definitely improved my skin and i do not break out as much as i used to. I will update any changes in my routine.

what is your night time skin regime? Comment!!