Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Product Review-The Bodyshop Rainforest Balance Shampoo

Today im going to review The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo for Oily hair.

 I have the oiliest hair possibly in the entire world. I have tried shampoos from the dirt cheap ones to the high end ones but nothing has rescued me from the disgusting oil slick. Also because of the fact that the ends of my hair are dry i cannot use just any shampoo. Anyway, a couple of days ago as i was going through TBS store there was this shampoo that really caught my eye. It was The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo for oily hair. I was absolutely drawn by the NO SILICONES, NO PARABENS label on the bottle as we all know what a miscreant paraben is and im not so fond of silicones either. I rin back home thanking my lucky stars!!

My Experience

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo is runny and clear. I was impressed by the clarity as this meant less build-up on my hair which is a good thing. The shampoo(is not very foamy and i needed quite a lot to create the satisfactory amount of foam that assured me that my hair was squeaky clean.
he shampoo smells absolutely natural and feels like there is no artificial agents added.

After i naturally air-dried my(hair i waited with baited breath for the result.... and i hate |o tell you guys that the results were horrendous. After my hair dried, it felt rough, tangled and a lot like straw. :(
And then I thought everything deserves a second chance so i decided to give it a few more chances. The more i used that shampoo the more my hair felt worse. My hair felt sticky right after washing it. It made my scalp itchy and even though it says no parabens and no silicones there was this disgusting white residue that was left behind on my hair that would show up on my scalp if i scratched it (i know it sounds gross right?? It was not even dandruff... god knows what it was..)
The shampoo did absolutely nothing to control my oily scalp... what a shame!!

The Pros-

  • uummmmm.....
  • uuuummmmm.....
  • uuuuummmmm.....

The Cons-

  • Doesn't help oily scalp at all
  • Strips hair of natural oils
  • Leaves a sticky coating on hair
  • Leaves behind residue

My Verdict

I love The Body Shop products but i wouldn't recommend this shampoo even to my worst enemy. I wish i could ask for a refund..... Body Shop do u hear that.....???

Is it only me or is there anyone else out there who has had the same experience with this shampoo..... i would love to know.




  1. i use this too:)

  2. well. it's just that you used it too much and you didn't wash it off cleanly. try to use less, and you'll see the result.
    hope this help and sorry for my bad english. :)

  3. They say if you use this shampoo in a wrong way,it will leave your hair in the condition you described.Maybe you sholud give it one more chance with it's correct usage written on the bottle,you shouldn't use it too much because of it doesn't lather,sulphate free shampoos don't lather like the market shampoos but they clean your hair and scalp well without drying out and stripping your hair/scalp.You should take a small amount of it in your hand and apply some water and make it lather in your hand before put it on your head.If you need,you can do this partly;for example first your top, than your back and left and right parts of your head.Besides if you don't reside your hair it will leave residue on your hair and scalp so you must be careful with residing eighter shampoo or conditioner.Maybe this will help you.I also decided to give a chance Balance .