Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Balm "Mary-Lou Manizer" - REVIEW

Today i will be reviewing a highlighter from "The Balm", called "Mary-Lou Manizer". I was in search of a good highlighter for ages would give me that much coveted *cough* JLo glow *cough* :p without making me look like an oily mess since i have super oily skin! I did a lot of research and shortlisted Benefit High Beam, M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish, NARS Albatross and The Balm. And the winner was... drumroll please...... The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer... tadaaaaaaa!!
I got it online from this wonderful website i stumbled upon called bathandunwind which ships worldwide free.


The Balm is known for their quirky packaging and Mary-Lou Manizer (hence referred to as MLM) is no different. I love the cocky mug-shot of Mary (im guessing she is Mary) on the cover... makes me feel like an outlaw in a cool
There is a large mirror when you flip open the pan... useful while travelling or for touch-ups, however there is no brush provided, not much of a problem for me though.


Once you open the highlighter you are at once greeted by this luxurious champagne coloured powder that you fall in love with instantly. On close inspection i observed that there were no "glitter-particles" (I hate anything with too much glitter) and the entire pan was this finely milled luxury at its best. It is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a highlighter, in the inner-corner of your eyes, as an eyeshadow. 


Pigmentation wise, i think The Balm MLM is one of the most pigmented highlighters in the market at the moment. But Pigmentation is a double-edged sword, especially for highlighters because if you are not careful and are naturally heavy-handed like me then you will end up looking like a oil slicked frying-pan with this baby. Less is more with MLM and i repeat.. use the lightest of hand and do not forget to dust off excess before the brush meets the cheek.


As i mentioned before, MLM is very finely milled and is extremely soft. There are no gritty particles or chunky glitter present. It is not powdery and hence a dream to work it. 

left-swatch, right-blended


MLM stayed for around 6-7 hours on me and that is pretty darn good considering my oily face where products start to slide off after 3-4 hours. Even when i took off my make-up before going to bed, i could notice the very-subtle-but-definitely-there-glow. A point to be noted here ...after a few hours i noticed that my pores were a tad more visible... or it could be just me. But then all highlighters have the tendency to highlight the pores so i forgive MLM for this one. :(


Applying MLM is fairly easy owing to its wonderful texture which is towards the NON-powdery side and thank god for it. A stippling brush is recommended for its application owing to its intense nature. It blends like a dream, seamlessly and has almost negligible to nil fall out.... yayyy!! No streaking and no harsh lines.

Quick Score Card

Packaging- 9/10
Product- 9/10
Texture- 9/10
Longevity- 8/10

There you have it.... i think Mary-Lou Manizer fared pretty well in my examination....! Until i find a better product this one's gonna be my "Holy Grail highlighter".

Please leave your thoughts on The Balm-Mary Lou Manizer in the comment box below. Also i would love to know which is your HG Highlighter...

Until next time..


  1. Love ur blog! now following u via gfc. follow me back?


  2. good review! i love the finely milled ones - they are way more natural then the glittery ones x

    1. Thank u Pretty Affairs. Glittery ones are so tacky..... :p