Wednesday, 5 June 2013


We all have that staple piece, necklace or that earring, that ring or that bracelet that comes out only for special occasions or when you wana look super special. So this last weekend, i decided to get rid of all the unnecessary stash of accessories and keep only those pieces that were versatile and close to my heart. I was rather surprised to discover that i had collected quite a lot of junk jewellery over time. However i hate hoarding things that i don't use so i threw quite a lot of them away. Now i don't have to waste time going through a huge pile of unnecessary junk to find what i need..... Yayyyyy to that!!
Here are some of my favourite Neck Pieces....

Do you have any accessory that is close to your heart??? Comment !! :)



  1. love them all! <3 <3

  2. Ooooo that gold and turquoise rectangular-ish necklace is beautiful... ahh that's like me, I have a bag full of half broken, tangled up jewellery that I don't wear or even like any more, had to get rid... now I have the pieces that I love left <3