Friday, 3 January 2014

the Balm- Bahama Mama Bronzer REVIEW!!!

Im probably a lil’ late but let me begin by wishing all you beautiful people out there a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014!!
I welcomed the New Year partying with my friends and then woke up the next day with a massive hangover… but I think most people wake up that way on Jan 1st…. lol!!
What did you guys do??

Today il be reviewing The Balm- Bahama Mama Bronzer that I bought last month. I was in search of a good bronzer since forever but I was so particular about the kind I wanted that I never seemed to find one. I hate the way foundations make the face too even toned, in a bad way (read, Edward from Twilight!!) and bronzers add some human colours to my face and give it some dimension.

I zeroed upon Benefit Hoola and The Balm-Bahama Mama as both had all the qualities I wanted but The Balm was a lil’ reasonably priced so I went with it and bought it from

Packaging (Rs.1365/- for 7.08 gm)

I have always loved the quirky packaging of The Balm products including my Holy Grail highlighter The Balm-Mary Lou Manizer that I have reviewed here
Bahama Mama comes in a uber cute cardboard box case that opens and shut with a distinct magnetic click. The packaging is perfect for a clumsy person like me who is constantly dropping and cracking plastic packaging. The case also comes with a reasonable sized mirror which comes really handy for touch-ups. It does not come with a brush which is ok with me.


As you can see from the pictures, it has absolutely no traces of glitter or shimmer, and i love this bronzer for that. The bronzer comes in a pressed powder form and is extremely soft and finely milled and has no orange undertones which tends to make you look dirty and weird.
I love multi-tasking products and this is definitely one multi-tasker. I have used it as an eye shadow, contour powder and of-course a bronzer. So versatile!!!

Bahama Mama is perfectly pigmented and ladies with fair to medium skin tones will love it. The colour is definitely buildable but ladies with deeper skin tones may find it a lil’ light for their liking to contour with it or as an over all bronzer.


It lasted for about 6-7 hours on my oily skin which is phenomenal.


Needless to say im in love with this product and surprisingly there is nothing I dislike in it. Totally HOLY GRAIL material!!
……and thus my search for the perfect bronzer, ends here!! I can die in peace now!!

Which is your favourite bronzer??!! COMMENT!!XOXO


  1. Looks like a awesome bronzer ... Well reviewed dear ! This one goes in my must buy list

  2. This sounds like a great bronzer; was contemplating on purchasing during thebalm sale that we hauled off but went against it as I am pretty happy with Benefit's Hoola bronzer. Great review :)
    ♥ M&L
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    1. i have been TheBalm fan since forever and im glad i bought Bahama Mama because it did not disappoint. I would love to own Benefit Hoola too because everyone i have met raves about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog n i will definitely enter your giveaway!!

  3. I LOVE your blog!! Seriously great stuff! :) haha, anyway, I really need to try out more from the Balm! I only have a thing or two but I'm really impressed with both of them!