Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Birthday Weekend!

I celebrated my birthday this weekend and i harboured mixed feelings. Another year, another number added to my age. There is no escaping old age is there? This year for my birthday i took a trip to Manas National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Tiger Reserve in Assam, India and lies on the base of Bhutan-Himalayas foothills. Spending one's birthday in the middle of the jungle may sound crazy to some but it was one of the most memorable birthday's ever. Here are a few pictures of how it all happened on the first day of the trip! I hope you enjoy the photographs :)

This is where we stayed. Loved the cute little cottages!!

As soon as we reached the resort, we left for rafting.
Getting the raft ready...... 
and i quickly snuck a pose!! :p
I honestly saw some of the most amazing sights while i was on the raft.

The raft ride lasted around 2 hours. After it ended we had a simple yet delicious lunch on the river bank. On our way back to the resort, this is what we saw. A family of wild elephants. While it was definitely a rare sight, it was pretty intimidating too.
Next we saw a colourful peacock. Amazing colours.... i was awestruck.
 In the evening we celebrated my birthday :) and this is what i wore......
This is what i was doing this past weekend. I had an awesome birthday, thanks to my friends and some random planning. This one will always stay in my memories.

What have you guys been doing???? COMMENT!!

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  1. These photos are lovely. I hope you had a fantastic weekend and birthday.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

    1. Thank you Dejhana. I sure did have a great b'day weekend.

  2. u luk very nice
    lovely pics
    i wish all ur dreams cum true n hope u celebrate your every birthday lyk dis so beautifully

  3. Oh you look gorgeous in that birthday dress! Looks like you had an amazing adventurous time.. So long since I had one!
    Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks T!!
      It was indeed a great birthday..... it was nice to get away from the city for a while.