Monday, 27 August 2012


Dressing up for work is a daunting task for me. I hate investing my hard earned cash for "Work Clothes" since there are no cute guys at work that i can impress (ahem!!). But on a serious note, i have a close fren at work who drilled some sense into me one day and pointed out that since we spend a major part of our life Working (..urghhh!!) why not be well dressed.When you are well dressed at work, it makes you feel confident, powerful,happy and strangely enough, even your co-workers respect you more and tend to look up to you!!!

Here are some things to remember while picking up work clothes

No.1- Clean Lines!!

So many times women (as well as men )wear clothes that are ill fitting. While its tempting to grab the first thing that you can lay your hands on while you are pressed for time, nothing ruins your attire as well as your personality than ill fitting clothes, whether its baggy or too tight.

Jacket-Oscar de la Renta , Shirt- Acne , Pant- ASOS, Scarf- Mulberry, Bag-Mulberry, Shoes-Jimmy Choo 
Eyeliner- M.A.C

No.2- Find yourself a Good Tailor!!

A good tailor is Godsent. Lets face it..we ain't no Carrie Bradshaw (though we'd like to be..agree??) and neither can we afford a Diane Von Frustenburg worksuit to office everyday, atleast i cannot. That's when our knight in shining armor a.k.a The Tailor comes to the rescue. The local tailor may not be as good as the people down in Giorgio Armani but if Karma is on your side, he may do a pretty decent job!!

Blazer-topshop, Pants- Michael Kors, Shirt-Miu Miu, Sunglasses- Linda Farrow Luxe, Bag- Hermes, Watch- Michael Kors, shoes-CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Lipstick-MAC

No.3- Invest in a Good Bag !!

A good bag is one of those things that completely takes your attire to the next level. Thinking im pretty well dressed and nobody's gonna notice my bag so might as well borrow my grandma's is the biggest mistake one can make. Also i tend to torture my bag as i stuff loads of things into the poor thing like an umbrella, a bulky wallet, a diary, sunscreen....blah blah the bag needs to be sturdy, spacious, office appropriate as well as trendy!

No.4- Dont be afraid of COLOR!!

When we say work wear, the colors that pop into your mind are black, white, gray, beige etc. I call them the SAD Colors. Well who said you cannot wear colors to work. By adding a key color piece to your outfit you can take your outfit from drab to fab in seconds. A colored blazer is the safest bet while keeping everything else toned down.

(From left) Blazer 1-Gucci, Blazer 2, 3,5,6-h&m

So the truth remains that we cannot escape lets atleast look cute while we are at it and make office a better place for you and for me....♫♫..(breaking into a song)
I would love to hear what you guys wear to work....... any suggestions and positive criticism.... im all ears!!


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