Thursday, 2 August 2012

Product Review- The Body Shop SPICED PUMPKIN SHOWER GEL

Anybody who is close to me knows how i feel about getting up early in the morning to go to work. I have a personal best record of sleeping for 12hrs straight (..details on that!!) 
The only good part about waking up these days is my Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel. 

I picked up this bottle while i was loitering around in the mall and boy am i glad!! The shower gel actually smells of a homemade pumpkin pie.
This is how it actually looks when you bring it home :)

Its decently Priced at Rs.340/- (the price was further reduced due to the SALE... )

As soon as you open the flip cap a strong sweet Cinnamon smell fills the air. Even after hours, my bathroom keeps smelling like a French Bakery and i love it !!!

  • Smells amazing
  • Lathers well
  • Easily rinsed off 
  • Smell lingers for quite sometime
  • Limited Edition (...Oh damn!!!)
  • Doesn't do much in terms of moisturization (..but then doesn't dry you out as well)
  • Hate the flip cap. Its hard to open when hands are wet and slippery.
I give it a 4 stars for the amazing smell. Got to have it.

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  1. I haven't seen this in TBS. Maybe I missed it. Will surely sniff this one and see if I like the smell or not. Currently I am using the strawberry shower gel from tbs ^_^.

    Your blog is good so far since your a newbie. I wish you best of luck!

    Happy Blogging!


  2. This is a limited edition product maybe that's why you didn't notice it. I couldn't find it online in their website too.
    Thank you so much for ur encouragement and wishes. <3

  3. Oh wowie a fellow Guwahatian blogger!! I wonder if this is still available at Sohum Emporio. I, too, want my bathroom to smell like a French Bakery!

    1. its still there Leez. Grab one before they are all gone. Are you from Guwahati too??

  4. Replies
    1. Thank u so much Jenny. im just a newbie right now...!!

  5. thebodyshop is always make people buy them.
    nice blog! ;)
    followed your blog dear

    1. thanks for following Agatha. i followed u back :)

  6. omg i love the body shop , but i think i never seen this product but if this limited you're so lucky :)

  7. why they no longer have it :(((((, it was amazing !!!!