Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Studded and Spiked

Hello Frens!! I have been away for a long long time.... n it feels good to be back!!
Today im doing a post on Studs and Spikes. I am totally obsessed with anything and everything that is studded and spiked. I was going through my closet yesterday and then i realized that atleast 40% of my closet had some kind of rivets, studs or spikes on them.. be it belts, shoes, bags jackets.... anything. It was crazy!
Here I have complied a list of the things that are "got to have" in my closet. After this i promise to put an end to my obsession with these metal details.

No.1- Coal and Terry Vintage Cut-offs
Holy Grail of the studded and spiked. If i had enough money, i would buy their entire store. Everytime i look at these cutoffs, im literally submerged in a pool of drool. I esp am loving the ombre ones.

Coal and Terry Vintage ships worldwide and you can check them here:

No.2- Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita Boots
I have been in love with Jeffrey Campbell  since forever. I own a pair of  JC Thong platforms and even though they are the tallest pair of footwear in my closet, they are also the most comfortable. Thank you JC for helping Pint-sized people like me. Ever since i got my first pair, i have been lusting over the studded boots but since its way over my budget i guess i will have to wait for a long time before i can lay my hands on them. Get them here :

But for the less adventurous ones and on a budget like me who want a lil' fun in their outfit but are not daring enough to carry a whole lot of metal spikes on their shoes or break the bank, then the JC thong sandals are just for you. They are cool and edgy at the same time without being over the top!! Check them here :

No.3- Alexander Wang-Coco studded mini leather bag
Ever since i saw Mary Kate Olsen carrying this bag, this image has been haunting me every night. I love the fact that the studs are only at the base of the bag and you can catch only a glimpse of them every now and then. So sexy!! Mr. Wang, i love you.
Get it here:

If you click on the above link then you will see that the Pricing is crazy!! So im thinking of doing a DIY on this bag. Will let you all know how it goes.

No.4- Demi Lovato's Denim Spike Jacket
I think Demi looks totally adorable in this outfit and notice how the jacket has helped lift the entire outfit on its spiked shoulders (no pun intended ..!!). This jacket on particular is absolutely doable. Everyone has a denim jacket lying somewhere. Buy some Spikes and add them and Voila!! Im totally doing this.

No.5- Jewelry
Jewelry is the most subtle way of incorporating the studs and spikes in your attire. A chunky studded bracelet or a Spiked bangle, is all that takes to give your outfit the Rock n Roll chicness.

Check such cool accessories here:

Some tips
I love wearing Studs and Spikes maybe because it secretly makes me feel totally Bada$$. But beware that you can totally go wrong if you overdo them.

  • Never be spiked or studded Head to Toe unless you wanna look like a human grenade ready to diffuse any moment killing everyone around you. 
  • Since spikes and studs already SCREAM Attention, its best to wear only 2 items in your outfit that are studded and keep the rest simple.
  • Try and keep the color of the studs and spikes similar. SnS usually come in three colors. Silver, Golden and Oxidized Black Metal. Try and match the golden spikes on your jacket with the golden bracelet instead of mixing it up with the silver ones. That way it looks more classy.
  • Keep make-up minimal. Dark and smoky eyes with nude lips look best according to me with an already heavily embellished attire.

Here's how i would wear this look.

So be a BADA$$ and sport some S&S girls. Its so much fun and such a welcome break from the usual prim and proper, girly look.
Feel free to comment and give suggestions.
Thank you for reading!!!



  1. Hi! I’ve just discovered your lovely blog!
    You have a great sense of style, would love you to take a look at mine and let me know what you think ;)
    Kisses from Spain,

  2. Hi "S" !!
    I went through your blog and instantly fell in love with it. Im glad you are visiting India and enjoying your stay in Srinagar. Im definitely following you.

    Pink Tiara :)