Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Real Techniques Base/Flawless Core Collection- REVIEW!!

Hello Ladies,

As you all know that in my June Wishlish i had mentioned that i desperately need some new brushes. So i finally bit the bullet and did a small Real Techniques Brush Haul from this wonderful site called www.iherb.com.  TiTi's Corner! was kind enough to share her coupon code with her readers which gave me a whopping 10$ off on my first purchase. Likewise, i would like to share the love.. so here is my coupon code GJT902  feel free to use them... shop shop shop!!
Today i will be reviewing the base/flawless Core Collection Set.
Priced at 18$, the Core Collection Set comes with 4 brushes and a panoramic brush case that can be transformed into a brush stand on your table (double whammy!!) Each brushes are made up of synthetic, ultra smooth taklon bristles and boast of being hand-cut.

1.  The Buffing Brush

Im in love with this brush. Although the pack reads that its ideal for powder and mineral foundation, i use it to apply my BB Stick and it does the job brilliantly.

I use the Maybelline BB Stick for everyday use and even though it has a somewhat solid consistency as compared to the other runny creams, this brush literally buffs the cream into your skin, blending it seamlessly..... ahhh it was love at first sight! The brush is flat on the top and is firm but incredibly soft.

2. The Pointed Foundation Brush

This one is a bit of a bummer for me. Although i know most of the ladies heart this brush, it was somehow too small for me ... or it maybe that im used to my old foundation brush which is a giant as compared to this one. The results are of-course better by the RT Foundation brush but since its so small, it takes up much more effort. However since its small and pointed, it does an awesome job of getting into those hard to get areas like the corner of the nose and hairline etc.

Difference in size between my old foundation brush and new RT Brush

3.  The Contour Brush

This brush is the unsung hero of the set. It has that perfect shape and size required for contouring. But besides that, this one is a multi-purpose baby. It can also be used to apply highlighter and hell, if you are in a hurry, it works as a pretty good blush brush too. Its super soft and doesn’t cause a streaky application like my old blush brush.

Difference between the heads of the brushes

4. The detailer brush

To be honest, i really didn’t test this one. The pack says this brush can be used to apply concealer but since i use a pencil concealer and blend it with my fingers, i really didn’t see much use for this. I think i will use this one to apply lip-stick, especially the red lippies since they require more precision.... i think it will do a great job.

Sorry for the out-of focus pics... only wanted to compare the detailer brush with an eye-shadow brush

All in all, i think this was one of my best buys. For that price, it is a lot more bang for your buck than you expect. They are totally worth the hype and a must have for all the make-up beginners out there. 

Im recommending this with a passion...lol!! 

Next i will be reviewing the Real Technique Eye Starter Kit... Till then...
Be Good!!

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