Friday, 28 June 2013

Styling Dr. Martens

I have been obsessed with Dr. Martens since my teenage days. When i was in the 7th or 8th grade, Dr. Martens were a huge rage among the boys and girls. I remember literally begging my mom for a pair. I wanted them in the black boot lace-up style and i literally went dizzy with happiness when mom got me a pair. Now when i look back, its hilarious to think that they were actually knock-offs ... anyway, it served my purpose then and i felt "oh-so-cool" wearing them!
I still love Dr. Martens to bits becoz of the fact that they are sooooooo versatile. They look cool with almost anything... jeans, dresses, shorts..... and instantly gives you that grungy, retro, good-girl-gone-bad feel.
Im saving up to buy the Classic Boots Lace-up ones, yup .. the knock offs which i rocked in my innocence .... but this time i want the real deal (chuckles)!! Sadly they are quite expensive here in India and it will be quite sometime before i actually purchase them.

Here I have put together 3 looks to pull off Dr. Martens effortlessly :

I heart Dr. Martens

So ladies, do you love or hate Dr. Martens?? COMMENT!!


$76 -

Majestic shirt top
$76 -

Agent provocateur

Dr. Martens front lace boots
$440 -

Dr. Martens low heel shoes
$150 -

Valentino lock handbag

Lux Haide 100 leather handbag
$345 -

Leather hat

French Connection white shawl
$27 -

River Island black beanie
$12 -


  1. All 3 looks are so diiferent frm one another but each looks great! The 2nd one being my favorite! It looks so girly and fun for summers (:

  2. love all the 3 looks but the second one steals the show for me :)

  3. I was browsing about oxfords nz online shop and I found your blog which is quite interesting. I do hope it's okay with you if I pin them on my Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing!