Wednesday, 20 November 2013


With winter fast approaching, i decided to stock up some moisturising body lotions to battle the oh-so-gross scaly skin that i experience during the chilly season. I have really oily skin and don't need that much of moisturization but during winters my skin does become dry and stretchy. 
While i was on my hunt, I came across this really interesting lotion from Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula called the "Firming Butter". As i read the description, i almost jumped with excitement. It claimed to (and i quote) firm, tighten and tone your skin, anytime, even after weight loss. So does it it live up to its tall claims?? Read on to find out!!


The lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I actually prefer the dispenser to the regular flip cap style bottle as they are much easier to use.


Rs.520/- for 315ml and can be purchased online here


Here is a snapshot of list of the ingredients. 
As you can see for yourself that the list is pretty impressive as the formula contains collagen, elastin, shea butter, Vit E, Ginseng, etc. Hmmm..... so far so good!!


The lotion itself is of medium consistency, neither too thick nor too thin but just right and spreads easily and is easily absorbed by the skin.
The first thing that you notice when you pump out the lotion is the divine cocoa smell. The moment i slathered it on my body, i felt like i died and went to Cocoa land. However, if you are not fond of smelling like a box of chocolates then this lotion is NOT for you because the fragrance lingers on you the entire day. I remember going to work with this lotion on and one of my colleague in the next cubicle came over to me and asked if i would share the chocolate that i was secretly!! 
So does the lotion moisturise well?
I made one of the biggest mistakes thinking that this was a moisturising body lotion. No where in the entire bottle it has been mentioned that it will moisturize the skin. After using it for a month i wondered why it was not hydrating my skin at all. Then one day i sat with the bottle and read what was written on it end to end and then finally it dawned upon me that it was my own mistake that i had assumed it to be a body lotion and  that it would moisturize, tone and tighten all at once. So please be clear, IT IS A FIRMING BUTTER.... NOT A MOISTURIZING LOTION, so NO, it does not moisturise at all. However, i still feel that since it contains Shea Butter as a major ingredient, it wouldn't have hurt if it provided some moisturization as well. 
When i bought this lotion i imagined myself feasting on a giant portion of french-fries and fried chicken and then slathering this lotion on and waking up the next morning all firm and toned......NOPE, doesn't happen. I don't see any noticeable change it has brought to my skin let alone tightening and firming it. Sadly, there still is no short cut to a toned body other than the gym.


People who are undergoing weight-loss could give this a try just for that added benefit to help them tone and tighten. Since it provides no hydration at all, i will not repurchase this and maybe use the remaining lotion only during summers just for the amazing smell.


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  2. I'm currently using their all over stretchmarks massage lotion and its quite light but very hydrating.. Been using it along with almond/macademia oil and I feel it has improved the appearance of my stretchmarks.. Though I would have loved it if this product worked cuz m badly in need of a firming product! Thanks to this review I wont spend on this (:

    1. hey T!! Even i have some stretch marks that im trying to get rid off. Will have to definitely try the Macademia oil now. I just feel getting rid of stretch marks requirees a lot of dedication n i just don't have that in if i dont see results in about a weeks time i tend to give up. There is this product called Mama Mio Good Bye stretch marks that sound very promising... however its a lil' too pricey for me. You can check it out.. here is the link..