Monday, 18 November 2013


Today’s post is on my hair care regime. I once possessed thick, straight, silky, lustrous healthy hair. It was my crowning glory in true sense. That was until i saw everyone around with poker straight hair and decided to give in and chemically straighten it (despite my already straight hair). Since then it has been a downward spiral. One after other chemical treatments, hair colors, heat styling has left my hair dull, damaged and lifeless.
However, my current hair care regime which i have been following for around 4 months has helped my hair recover and though my hair is not what it used to be, it is definitely on its way to recovery.

No.1- COCONUT OIL as a pre wash conditioner

Coconut oil is the unsung hero among hair oils. I know that of late fancy oils like macadamia and argan oils(read EXPENSIVE $$) are a  rage among bloggers but after some research i actually learned that the modest coconut oil is the undisputed champ among hair oils. In layman terms, coconut oil is among the few other  oils that are made up of really small molecules that can actually penetrate the hair shaft. The other oils are composed of larger molecules that fail to penetrate the hair shaft and hence just coat the outer hair strand thus giving you the temporary feel of healthy hair.
I slather the Baba Ramdev coconut oil on my hair concentrating on the ends the night before. Don’t take my word for it... try it once and you will see the difference just in one wash. Any virgin, cold pressed coconut oil should do the job. Coconut oil is cheap but super effective... what else do you want.

No.2- L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo

I use a clarifying shampoo the next day to wash off the oil and any build-up from products. People with dry hair need not use a clarifying shampoo else it will make their hair more dry and rough. I use it because i have super oily scalp.Tip: if you are on a tight budget, Pantene Lively Clean gives the same results at half the price. J

No.3 - L'Oreal ProfessionnelVitamino Color Shampoo and L'Oreal ProfessionnelVitamino    Color Gel Maque

This is the second shampoo i use. (some of you must be rolling your eyes at me thinking 2 different shampoos in one wash...crrazzyy!!) I am a huge fan of this shampoo and i recommend this to all my friends even those who have not colored their hair. I love it how it makes the hair silky and shiny without making it heavy and flat. The masque and the shampoo are a match made in heaven. My hair feels revived, light, silky and smooth.

N0.4- Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protecting Spray

This spray had been lying around unused with me for quite sometime since i try and avoid heat styling as much as i can. Once when i ran out of my hair serum, i generously sprayed this at the ends of my damp hair just before i left for work and i instantly fell in love. When my hair dried, it was soft, manageable and frizz free, results that i don’t achieve even with my serum. Also it almost evaporates and leaves no sign of product on hair.... that was huge yayyyy!! for me.

Miscellaneous Products

No.5- Matrix Hydra Creme Intense Moisture Masque

In addition to the above, sometimes i treat my hair with Matrix Hydra Creme Intense Moisture Masque. I slather it all over my head, put on my shower cap, watch some tv  and do the regular chores. I wouldn’t say its an ahmazing masque... just an O.K. indulgence for the hair. I wouldn’t be buying it anymore once i run out of this gigantic tub.

No.6- Jojoba Oil (Cold Pressed)

At times when im feeling all fancy, i squirt (one squirt is more than enough) jojoba oil on my hands and run it through the ends of my hair for that natural shine.

So that’s all. This is my hair care routine that i follow .
In short, taking care of your hair is similar to the Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise (CTM) routine we follow for our skin with lil’ tweaks. Its basically Condition, Cleanse and Seal.

TIP FOR DRY HAIR (especially during winters)

For girls with dry hair, “OIL is your best Friend”, trust me!! Take 3 spoons of Coconut oil, 3 spoons of Olive oil and mix with 1 egg. Apply it to your hair coating every strand and wash off after an hour or two. Next, do not forget to seal in the moisture with a sealant oil like jojoba oil or argan oil or a good hair serum. If you do not apply a sealant, the moisture escapes from the hair shaft and your hair turns dry and unruly.
If you are lazy like me then mix equal parts coconut oil and olive oil in a small bottle. Boil water in a vessel and throw the bottle in he vessel. After about 5 minutes use the warm oil from the bottle to oil your hair.Be careful not to burn yourself. Make a top knot, wear a wollen cap, go to sleep and wash your hair the next day. Apply a sealing agent as i have mentioned above. You will get hair you cant stop touching.
Another tip, apply serum or oil on damp hair. It spreads evenly rather than on dry hair.
Everyday, our hair is abused due to pollution, chemicals, products, heat, etc. Give it the love and care it deserves.
Do you have any hair care tips for winters??!! Comment!!





  1. Great post.. Will try loreal soon :)

    1. Do give it a try Gowthami and let me know your feedback!! :)

  2. Nice girl! I'm so sad after chopping my hair I'm desperately in need of a treatment that'll promote hairgrowth! I'm currently swearing by Moroccan Oil and I can actually use it everyday! Tried Dove Elixir?

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. why should you be sad..... you look so cute in your new look. I wish i could man up and do it but then i can't :(
      Coming to Dove Elixir... before buying anything i have this annoying habit of reading the entire ingredients list and Dove Elixir's list seriously turned me off. The first ingredient is "Mineral Oil". Mineral oil is composed of large molecules which absolutely doesn't penetrate hair shaft and at the most just there on top of the hair. Then the third one on the list is Dimethicone... in layman terms its silicone which again just sits there giving you an illusion of healthy hair. The rest of the list isnt impressive either (coconut and olive oil is present though). The best you can do is slather virgin coconut oil ... i can't recommend it enough and has proven to promote hair growth. Try it... you can thank me later (ok now im totally acting cocky)
      Thanks for stopping by my humble blog!!

  3. WOW! Sounds like our Chemistry Class! PP's head would actually burst with pride now! :D I didnt know you were so interested in chemistry though hahah! Thought Biology was your favorite! Anyways Jokes aside! Thanks! I tested Dove Elixir and it made me look like I could go out in the sun and have an omelet made in my head :D Virgin Coconut Oil huh? Thank God you didnt say Mustard Oil :D Which oil have you found effective girl? I'll go grab it asap! Thanks for taking the time to share this useful info <3 Love ya and miss you!!!!

  4. I love coconut oil as well!! Great post :)

  5. I need that Nariyal Tail from Patanjali very soon!

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  7. I am stylist girl but Problem is that I have oily hair problem. So that it was the main obstacle for me to style. I had another problem that is hair loss. Hair is an important thing of our life. I lost a big amount of hair. It was so painful for me.So , what can I do know ????