Thursday, 1 August 2013

Buying Contact Lenses Online

I have been Myopic since childhood and with age it has just been getting worse (should have listened to my mom and eaten those green-leafy veggies)!! Without my glasses or contact lenses i cannot see to save my life.
I usually don’t buy contact lenses online because for some strange reason buying them from a proper ophthalmologist and a physical store always makes me feel my eyes are protected (i know.. craazzzy right!) but then there is always a first time for everything. One of my friends recommended this website called loveshoppingholics. They have got lenses of every possible colour under the sun including some crazy cosplay and anime ones.
I was so excited when the package came cz everything in it looked so pretty.

I bought the Geo Bella Grey circle lens and they look really natural. I have been wearing them everyday to work and nobody has asked if im wearing coloured contacts. In the natural sunlight and flash photography, the colour is more obvious though but still very natural and nothing freaky. I have been a Bausch & Lomb user all my life but i think i just found a more comfortable replacement. I am a happy girl.
The shipping was fast and i was more than impressed with the packaging. The lens bottles came in a cute tiny cardboard box with ribbons it. The moment i saw it i had an “awwww....” moment :p

Along with the lenses they also sent me a a free piggy lens case and its the cutest thing ever. I had my second “awww...” moment at this point. 

Thats not all, they also sent me OS’Mei Collagen whitening eye mask and DARIYA Hair Magic Sheet as free gifts. Lastly, a personalized “Thank You” note touched my heart.

I cannot recommend this site enough. .... and will be definitely buying more from them.

So what do you think girlies?

Anybody else buy contact lenses online or is it safer to buy it from a physical store? Comment!!


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  2. How long did the shipping take?

    1. Hi, TheBeachie1,
      The lenses took around 10-12 days to reach me. Delivery time may vary depending upon your location. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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