Saturday, 24 August 2013

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub - Product Review !!

Lush products for some reason never seem to suit me. I love the fact that they are natural, vegan, hand-made and cruelty free but the products in itself don’t do me any good. Having said that, i cannot stop myself from entering their store. There is something about their store, the black tub packaging, the colourful products on display that draws me towards them and of-course i do not come out empty handed.
On my most recent visit, the Mint Julips lip scrub caught my fancy!!


The lip scrub  come in a small hard glass pot. Being a tub packaging you need to dip your fingers into the tub which can be unhygienic. But since the prouct itself is rough and grainy i cant think of any other kind of packaging that would be suitable.... so i am not complaining about it in particular. The list of ingredients are clearly mentioned on the tub... thumbs up for that J


The scrub is sugar based and the granules are perfect in size. So many times i have used sugar based scrubs where the granules are so large that they end up scratching you or so fine that they nothing in terms of sloughing off the dead skin. LUSH Mint Julips, however are perfect. The scrub also contains jojoba oil, Vanilla extract, Peppermint oil etc.  As soon as you open the pot, the aroma of peppermint oil and vanilla essence hits you...... which i love because im a fan of both.


Scrubbing with this baby is a cakewalk. The oils and the sugar have been mixed in good proportions. The oil is just enough to bind the sugar together onto the lips. I rub the scrub onto my lips for around 2 minutes and wash off. *LUSH instructs you to lick off the excess scrub after buffing your lips but the thought of licking my dead skin didn’t settle with me well..... ewwwww!!
After the routine i top it up with a lip balm to seal in the moisture and Voila!!... SERIOUSLY SOFT BABY LIPS!! I love the fact that lipsticks look so much better after scrubbing the lips. They even tend to stay on better.

So if you have dry, rough, chapped lips like mine then do them a favour and get the Lush Mint Julips.
Highly recommended!!!!

Has anyone else tried the Lush Mint Julips ?? Which is your favourite lip scrub?? COMMENT !!



  1. Nice review, would give it a try :)

  2. i have tried lush soaps
    nice review
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    1. Hey Dreamzandclouds !! thank you so much for the nomination... was not really expecting it. I t would be my pleasure to participate... Tahnks again!! :)

  4. i tried the bubblegum one and i love it!! xx