Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My First Ever Tattoo Experience - Painful but worth it !!

On my most recent visit to Bangalore, i got this random tattoo done. Well, it was not exactly random because i had been thinking of getting one done for a really really long time but had been postponing it becoz of the pain factor. Then this particular morning i woke up early (coincidentally 15th of Aug, India’s Independence Day) and for some reason felt so ready to get the tattoo done. I dragged along a huge entourage consisting of my brother, sister and my boyfriend to the tattoo artists place for moral support since i knew it was gonna hurt (lol!!)

After a brief discussion of what i wanted, the tattoo artist did the sketch and we were good to go. When the first needle hit me, i cannot even begin to say how excruciatingly painful it was. It felt like someone was cutting me up with a blade, over and over again. I some how manned up (so proud of myself) and in about an hours time the painful ordeal was over for good.
So here is a first look of my tattoo 5 minutes after it was done. 

I love how it looks and it came out exactly the way i wanted. I wanted a simple and clean design... nothing very fancy or intricateThe flying birds symbolise freedom, hope, aspirations and changes in life while the quote “je ne regrette rien” literally means i have no regrets in French. The tattoo is a reminder that life is full of surprises and despite the decisions you take, never have regrets...  you know what they say... there are no regrets in life only lessons learnt.

Its been almost a week since i got it done and its healing fine (fingers crossed). Initially there was some swelling and discomfort but now im doing ok.

Special thanks to the Tattoo'd Monk for this wonderful piece of art on me and for the valuable suggestions and inputs.

So what do think of my new Tattoo?? Do any of you have any form of body art done on you?? 




  1. It is beautiful! Man, I wish I could man up and go get a tattoo done..

    1. I won't lie, yes its painful, but at the end of it all, its so worth the pain. I suggest u get a small design done first just to check your pain threshold.... Then later u could get something more elaborate n intricate. Good luck :)