Friday, 13 September 2013

CHANEL Rogue Allure - Pirate 99 REVIEW !!

One of my friends recently went on this trip to China and asked me if i wanted something from there. I could have asked for anything under the sun but yes, i asked for a lipstick!!

Packaging-  The lipstick comes in a black glossy bullet and true to CHANEL style is minimal yet classy.
 I love how the bullet locks and unlocks with a click..... uhh so sophisticated!!

Product- when i first saw the lipstick, i was a lil’ disappointed to be honest. The color in the bullet didn't seem to be what i had envisaged. After applying it was different story all together. When applied to the lips, it has got be one of the most gorgeous reds i have ever laid my eyes on. It has bluish undertones to it which makes it perfect for my wheatish complexion. As a matter of fact i think it would suit most skin tones.
It glides on your lips like butter and moisturizes it as well. It is neither matte nor glossy but just gives this awesome sheen to the lips.

Pigment-  Very very pigmented . One swipe is all it takes to give you that awesome colour payoff.
Longevity- Considering its NOT a matte lipstick, i was surprised how long it lasted. I deliberately tested it by eating, drinking and talking (a lot) and it stayed on me for around 5 hours without budging, which i think is amazeballs!!!!

Price- Well..  it will set u back by around INR 2500/- (approx).....  its CHANEL... what do you expect!!

If u notice i usually do not post my pics but this time i cannot help it... i had to show-off.. :) lol!!

Its safe to say, im blown away by this lipstick. Until i find another one, CHANEL Rogue Allure Pirate is my Holy Grail Red Lipstick. Its worth every penny!!

Im recommending this with a passion...!!

Do you have that one Lipstick you swear by??!! COMMENT !!


  1. wow nice review !!! the colour is fantastic !
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    If yes,let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :-)


    1. Thanks Yulie for ur lovely comment :)
      i loved ur blog. I followed u back via GFC and Bloglovin'


  2. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog <3
    Following you... Hope you follow me back :)

  3. I want to try chanel lipsticks so much! Great review!
    You asked me if we could follow each other on GFC so I did :) Hope you will too !

  4. This looks lovely (:
    Recently Sleek's Stiletto has turned out to be my HG red lippy ^_^

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